Latin American Hydrocarbons Forum 2018

24-25 April 2018 | Bogota, Colombia


Meet with the key players of the region to discuss the future of Latin American hydrocarbons

Hear about the best investment areas and the latest discoveries in the region

Learn more about the latest updates in the industry to create the best business strategy

The Latin American Hydrocarbons Forum 2018 will bring together experts and senior level attendees to discuss the challenges but also the immense potential of Latin America’s oil & gas resources. The forum also aims to treat specifically those issues that are particular of the region and that affect the industry from its very early stages of prospection to extracting the very first and last drop of oil.


Specialist in sociopolitics and institutions of Peru for the hydrocarbons sector
Christian Virrueta

Ministry of Energy and Mining of Argentina
Legal Counsel
Eduardo Guglielmini

Asociación Colombiana del Petroleo
Vicepresident of Economic Affairs
Alexandra Hernandez Saravia

Universidad Externado de Colombia
Oil & Gas Law Professor
Carlos Mantilla McCormick

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